Working with our clients’ other professional advisers day-to-day is second nature to us.

As members of SIFA we’re particularly familiar with providing tailored financial advice and investment management to the clients of solicitors. We’re continually investing in understanding and servicing the needs of the legal sector and in ensuring that our senior advisers and investment managers are qualified to the highest professional standards.

We recognise that many legal practices are looking to work closely with a trusted financial services firm, with the focus always on the needs of their client. We know you'll be keen to ensure that your clients have access to the best investment options allowing you, as their trusted adviser, to concentrate on the legal service they value and expect.

We have the expertise you need. We already work hand-in-hand with third party advisers and their clients; providing an efficient service that respects the ongoing solicitor-client relationship and keeps everyone firmly in the information loop.

For families with sufficient wealth we can work with you to establish and run a family investment company.



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