About the Fund

The Real Return fund aims to deliver returns to investors in excess of UK inflation over a rolling three-year time horizon. It aims to provide returns broadly consistent with those you’d expect to see from a pool of “real” (inflation protected) assets but with a level of volatility (day to day price swings) more in line with typically less volatile fixed income investments.

In this way, we aim to meet the long-term needs of those investors who’re conscious of the tendency of inflation to erode the value of their capital over time, but who’re also generally unwilling or unable to accept the volatility that traditionally goes hand in hand with investing in the likes of global stockmarkets.

By providing a low-volatility approach as a means of accessing these returns, we’re not only aiming to maximise long-term returns to investors, but we’re also aiming to reduce the risks around picking the precise moment to invest into or withdraw money from a fund.

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Inflation Beating

Preserving capital against the effects of inflation.

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Compounding Returns

Making the most of accumulated gains.

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Low Drawdowns

Reducing downside risk.

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Low Volatility

Providing lower volatility for long-term returns.

The Fund Process

In order to achieve this, the portfolio provides access to a wide range of investment classes including structured products, infrastructure and commodities as well as investments in the fixed income sector, including unrated bonds, floating rate debt and senior loans. In this way, we feel we are able to meet the long term needs of those investors who are conscious of the effects of inflation eroding the value of their investments, but who are generally unwilling or unable to accept the volatility that traditionally goes hand in hand with investing in global equity markets.

Why the Real Return Fund?

By providing a low-volatility vehicle to access these returns, we are able to maximise long-term returns to investors. We can also substantially reduce the risks around timing an investment into or withdrawal from the fund.



Fund Literature (Assessment of Value, ​Factsheet, KIID, Prospectus, Financial Statements, TMA)

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Mark Elliott, The Fund Manager

I was one of the founding members of the Castlefield investment management business, having previously worked with the rest of the team within the institutional investment and fund management division of private bank, Brown Shipley.

After taking something of a leap into the unknown, the business continues to grow rapidly and in addition to managing segregated accounts for the firm’s discretionary clients, I’m also the long-standing lead manager of the CFP Castlefield Sustainable UK Opportunities Fund and the CFP Castlefield Real Return Fund.

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