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We're Castlefield, an investment management and financial planning business with a reputation for being at the forefront of responsible ESG investing. We adopt a unique approach to looking after money, using it to make a difference in the world. Our clients include private individuals and the businesses they run, as well as financial advisers, wealth managers and charitable organisations.

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I’ve had fifteen years of a secure and ethical financial relationship while hardly being aware of it, and that’s the best sort! Dr P, Investor, Bedfordshire

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Women in the Investment Management Industry

Aug 04/08/2022
Research suggests that the asset management and institutional investment industries are more inclusive for women today, but there is still a lot more progress to be made. This blog post explores the current trends of female representation in the industry, possible theories which uphold these trends and what current legislation is doing to help.
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UK Stock Story - Britvic

Jul 27/07/2022
As we enjoy the summer, lots of us will be reaching into the fridge for a soft drink to help us cool down and we might well pull out something from the Britvic stable of brands.
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  • Life at Castlefield - The Thoughtful Investor

    We worked with The Chase Films to create our own short film, giving a glimpse into life working at Castlefield. Co-owners from all areas of the company, even those who are camera shy, came together to discuss what our workplace culture and ethos are like, as well as what, we feel, makes us different to other finance companies.

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  • The Thoughtful Investor – The Dorothy Clive Garden Trust

    Marcus Chilton-Jones, Curator of the Dorothy Clive Garden discusses the history of the garden and how the investment returns from an endowment help the garden to remain open to the public. Castlefield manage the charitable endowment according to the long term needs of the trustees.

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  • Thoughtful Investor - Anthony O'Connor Manchester Cathedral

    Anthony O'Connor, Director of Fundraising and Development at Manchester Cathedral talks about the challenges involved in providing a place of worship open to the public on a daily basis and the use of the funds managed by Castlefield for maintaining and improving the Cathedral.

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  • Plastic Shores Big Island message

    Ed Scott-Clarke is a freelance film producer responsible for the client testimonial videos hosted on the Castlefield website. Following a short career in governmental research, he made the jump into documentary film-making. His first film Plastic Shores was premiered at the United Nations in March 2012.

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  • The Thoughtful Investor – William Kenyon & Sons

    Piers Kenyon, Director of William Kenyon & Sons and a trustee of the Group Pension scheme discusses the history of the company and the challenges of managing a corporate sponsored pension trust. Castlefield act as investment managers to the scheme, working alongside a range of other professionals in ensuring the scheme meets its objectives of providing a pension for current and former employees.

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  • The thoughtful investor - Conrad Jacobson

    Our longstanding client, Conrad Jacobson, talks here about what our relationship means to him and his family, investing ethically and achieving financial peace of mind. We advise both Conrad and his wife in a personal capacity, as well as their business and their employees.

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