As part of our 20 year anniversary celebrations we asked Co-owners to share some of their stories about what first attracted them to Castlefield, what makes Castlefield special and why they enjoy working here.

we interviewed Castlefield founder John Eckersley. In this video he talks through why he set up Castlefield 20 years ago and how the landscape of sustainable and ethical thoughtful investing has changed over this time.

In this short video, Simon Holman from the Castlefield investment team explains what being a signatory of the UK Stewardship Code involves.

In this video, Amelia Overd takes us through the key aspects of Castlefield's investment screening process.

In this free webcast, chartered financial planners Olivia Bowen and Haydon Waldek explain 10 practical ways that professional financial advice can help you

Ita McMahon outlines what joining the UN PRI means and why Castlefield became signatories, along with explaining some of the benefits to clients and how it can help us to shape the sustainable investment agenda.

Watch the recording of our 2021 symposium event where Matthew Bell delivers the keynote presentation and an expert panel discuss what Net Zero really means and what’s required to achieve it, regardless of COP26 outcomes.

Castlefield Partner David Gorman took part in a webinar which is now available to watch on demand, highlighting some of the issues of working conditions in the fashion industry.