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Nov 15/11/2022

Common Grounds – The Story Behind Our Sustainable Coffee Producer

In this blog, Castlefield Investment team member Eleanor Walley explores the ethical credentials of Castlefield's chosen coffee blend from Daterra - a coffee farm leading the way with its sustainable ethos.

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Nov 04/11/2022

Visible sustainability – Tecan, the factory in the forest

In this latest featured stock article, fund manager Rory Hammerson takes a closer look at the impact of some of the sustainable projects at healthcare and diagnostics specialist Tecan.

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Oct 27/10/2022

Will board rooms ‘come home’?

Castlefield's Simon Holman takes a closer look at the inequality still faced within women's sport and boardrooms across the UK.

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Oct 04/10/2022

10 years of the Castlefield Model Portfolios

As well as Castlefield’s 20th anniversary, 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Castlefield model portfolios.

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