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A bit about Castlefield

In this video Founder John Eckersley introduces Castlefield and explains about our purpose and how we help clients (and our team) to achieve their personal goals. 

He also explains the core values, present throughout Castlefield, and why we're known as the Thoughtful Investor ®. 

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Trustworthy & Professional

The CISI Chartered Firm™ status denotes that a firm is "operating at the highest levels of trustworthiness and professionalism expected from the sector" and is a demonstration of our commitment to high standards.

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History of Ethical Investing

Today, there are all sorts of technical terms for investment approaches that seek to bring personal values to bear on financial decisions. The longest standing is 'ethical investment'. Learn more about the history of ethical investment and its journey into the mainstream in today's economic environment.

History of Ethical Investing