Splendid spring in bloom. In this edition of Insights, you'll find examples to demonstrate the Thoughtful Investor® in practice, including opinion pieces, thematic reviews, featured stock stories and more.

To celebrate International Women’s Day we asked a selection of our female Co-owners what they enjoy most about working at Castlefield and why they think it is a great place to work.  

This Co-owner close-up features Head of People & Training, Ewelina Niziolek-Wilson. Ewelina discusses her passion for employee ownership and shared values, and how she leads Castlefield's internal development programmes.

Client Corner - Colin Tudge

March 06/03/2023

Castlefield’s Olivia Bowen interviews Colin Tudge, a writer, biologist and founder of The Real Farming Trust for our Client Corner feature.

'Tis the season for optimism! In this Winter 2022 issue of Insights Newsletter we cover a number of ‘big events’.

Co-owner close-up, Anita Mistry

December 02/12/2022

Anita is an executive in client services and the first person at Castlefield many clients and enquirers will speak to. In this Co-owner close-up, we learn more about Castlefield's receptionist and her passion for craft.

Goodbye summer, hello autumn. Welcome to the latest Autumn edition of our quarterly Insights newsletter.

Client Corner – Richard Furniss

September 08/09/2022

Helen Tandy interviews Richard Furniss - a former wind turbine engineer, who is now using his vast knowledge and experience of renewable energy systems to help individuals and communities work towards a net zero future.

In this piece, Eleanor Walley describes what brought her to Castlefield, and how she has found the experience of working within the Investment Management team.

This special Co-owner close-up features Susan Cohen as she shares fond memories of her time at Castlefield upon her retirement.

Gardens are in full bloom and the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations have been enjoyed by many. In this issue we also celebrate our 20th anniversary, the skills and achievements of some of our wonderful clients.

20 Years of Castlefield

June 06/06/2022

As part of the 20 year anniversary celebrations, we asked co-owners to share their experiences of working at Castlefield and if there was anything that stood out to them which first attracted them to Castlefield.