As information and communication technologies continue to develop, we embrace the opportunities we’re presented with to improve the quality, security and efficiency of the service we offer you. 

We’re committed to encouraging and supporting the use of a carefully selected suite of technologies, to communicate with you, store your personal data and exchange information between us. This is typically via providing you with access to a core secure ‘portal’ and we encourage you to use it.

If you need help, or feel uncertain about the nature or security of the processes being deployed, rest assured there’s a human being waiting for you to get in touch and available to speak to you. See below for contact information. 

Castlefield Personal Finance Portal

If you’re currently taking advantage of our Ongoing Advice Service, utilising our Personal Finance Portal (PFP), then to login;


The PFP gives you an invaluable tool via which you can view your own financial information and interact with your client manager and adviser via a secure, online 'portal'. You can use many types of device to login such as a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, with access available 24/7.

If you need help you can contact us on


Premium Portfolio Service & Managed Portfolio Service

If you’re exclusively taking advantage of one of the above personal portfolio services, then access to the following is available. You should already have been provided with the necessary login details.

If you need help with the below portal, you can contact us on

Investment Management client portal

To access the investment management portal and view your portfolio please: CLICK HERE

Watch this short guide to using the investor portal


The financial services sector has long relied on the use of printed, posted and signed paperwork, often involving a tradition of one or more face-to-face meetings. Whilst we’re great believers in the ‘personal touch’ we’re also very keen to minimise the generation of unnecessary, harmful carbon emissions, which is the inevitable result of producing and transporting paper, not to mention the additional impact of transporting people. Of importance too, is the fact that we know that relying on paper can lead to unnecessary delay and introduces potential inaccuracies in collating and transcribing important and sensitive private data. Quite simply, what starts life on paper always ends up being stored electronically these days, so we’d prefer to reduce the number of steps involved in the process. Not forgetting for one moment that the sensitive personal information carried on paper, can still easily be intercepted during its physical journey and then all too easily be illegally utilised.

Whilst we aim to be as easy as possible to deal with day-to-day, we have absolutely no desire to reduce the value or prominence of inter-personal relationships, which we know our clients place a high value on. The appropriate use of the latest and easy to use video conferencing  technologies has been seen to enhance many relationships. 

We hope you feel able to join us on our journey of improving the efficiency and security of our business, whilst also enhancing the service and experience you receive as our client.