Many companies are taking steps to increase the diversity of their workforce. And with good reason. Research shows that bringing diverse perspectives to the table increases companies’ resilience and agility, boosting innovation and financial performance. Yet hiring diverse employees is only the first step – to reap the full benefits, companies must include those employees in the conversation.

Castlefield recently conducted a survey aiming to learn more about our co-owners and to gather data about diversity and inclusion (D&I) specifically. The survey also asked respondents for their perceptions on critical aspects of their work life. Questions included whether they have a sense of belonging and whether they have trust in the leadership of Castlefield and if they feel valued.

You can find out more about the Castlefield Diversity report here.

GM Good Employment Charter

Castlefield are members of The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter - a voluntary membership and assessment scheme, created to improve employment standards, and develop diverse and inclusive working conditions across Greater Manchester.

Women in Finance Charter

In October 2017, Castlefield became a signatory to the Women in Finance Charter, a Charter launched with the objective of achieving “gender balance” within the financial industry, where women at senior management levels are often scarce.

Women in Finance Charter

Upon becoming signatories, we committed ourselves to achieving/maintaining 50% women in senior roles by December 2020. When we first signed up to the Charter, we had a 55% female representation. In setting our target we wanted to ensure we maintain parity. As of 30th September 2020, we have 50% female representation in senior management. Over the course of the last year we continued to transform our business and apply certain changes to its structure as we work towards our common goal. 

Whilst the Charter’s objective focuses on gender diversity, diversity in all its forms is important to our business. Castlefield see the enormous benefit that can be gained from a fairer and more inclusive financial services industry. We are firmly of the belief that a balanced workforce is good for business and society.

We’re pleased to have been recognised for our diversity and are proud members and affiliates of a range of organisations. You can find out more about these below.

Awards & Achievements

We’re extremely proud that Castlefield has consistently been recognised for a number of awards

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Affiliations & Memberships

Castlefield are proud to be members and signatories of a range of worthy organisations and initiatives.

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