We understand that not-for-profit organisations have their own special concerns and constraints when it comes to investment. Thankfully, working closely with individual groups of trustees has allowed us to build up particular knowledge and expertise in the sector and to develop a well-honed sense of acceptable risk.

Our clients appreciate that we share their key concerns

We’ll always make responsible investment recommendations for the benefit of your organisation. From helping you to evaluate your existing investment policy and range of investments, to supporting you while you refresh your approach, we’ll always recommend an approach in close collaboration with you.

Acting at all times as your trusted adviser, we’ll aim to secure the best value and the best fit for you, according to your needs and understanding of risk. The values of your organisation will consistently be reflected in the advice we provide and in any investments we recommend as suitable for you. Likewise, if it suits your charity to hold onto existing investments, we won’t automatically recommend converting them. Our simple goal is to invest your funds in the right way for you.

We understand that all organisations are different and therefore striking the right balance, completely in tune with your charity’s unique ‘DNA’, is key.

We can help charities with:

  • Drafting an investment policy
  • Establishing and overseeing an investment portfolio