As investors in many companies, we have the right to vote on strategic issues such as executive pay, director nominations and political donations. We take the time to consider each resolution carefully and aim to vote on all the stocks we hold. In our view, voting is an integral part of being a thoughtful investor.

We’ve taken great care in developing our Corporate Governance and Voting Guidelines. The guidelines help us vote consistently over many hundreds of resolutions. They’re also an example of how we put our clients’ values into practice. For instance, we take a firm stance against companies making political donations and excessive executive pay. In addition, we vote against the re-appointment of auditors and directors if we think that they’re no longer independent.

We also publish our voting record in full, here. The record covers all votes from January 2021 to December 2021. 

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Oct 13/10/2022

Castlefield and investor coalition deliver letter to government urging clearer Net Zero plan

Castlefield and a coalition of investors, delivered a joint letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, urging the Government to set out a clear ‘Net Zero Investment Plan’ as part of its Green Finance Strategy

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Oct 04/10/2022

10 years of the Castlefield Model Portfolios

As well as Castlefield’s 20th anniversary, 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Castlefield model portfolios.

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Jul 18/07/2022

Castlefield supports CCLA Corporate Mental Health Benchmark UK 100

Castlefield is pleased to support the CCLA Corporate Mental Health Benchmark UK 100, designed to improve transparency, disclosure and reporting on workplace mental health by providing a clear framework for businesses.

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Jul 12/07/2022

Castlefield announces new non-executive director appointment

Castlefield is pleased to announce the appointment of Carol Lawson as a new non-executive director. Carol will be joining the board of ConBrio Fund Partners Limited, the group's Authorised Corporate Director (“ACD”).

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