Stewardship at Castlefield

As thoughtful investors, we carry out a range of stewardship activities. For example, we vote at company AGMs on issues such as executive pay and director re-appointment. We also use our influence as investors to encourage firms to address social and environmental risks like carbon, water scarcity and human rights. We know these issues are important to our clients.

Read more in our Stewardship Report or take a look at how we vote.

We are proud signatories to the Financial Reporting Council’s UK Stewardship Code.

In line with the Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II), you will also find our Engagement Policy and Annual Disclosure here.

In addition, we have developed a Sustainability Risk Policy that sets out how environmental, social and governance factors are incorporated into our investment process.

Positive Investment Themes to make a difference

Our stock stories demonstrate how our authentic sustainable approach works in practice.

Learn more about some of the typical holdings in our funds and see which of our sustainable themes investments contribute to. 

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