Castlefield wouldn’t be where it is now if it wasn’t for our people. It’s what makes us unique – having a truly shared set of values and one common purpose.

Here at Castlefield we act as a trusted investment manager and financial adviser for individuals and organisations who seek to make a world of difference. We pursue an outcome where business is seen within the context of environmental, ecological and social impacts.

Our co-owners and new starters have the opportunity to do what they do best when they are at work, get inspired and be excited coming to work. We set clear expectations for everyone ensuring the sense of purpose is alive. We support each other on that journey.

Our Values

It’s important to us to ensure that Castlefield is an inspiring place to work and we recognise that diversity and inclusion are essential elements of a successful business.  We’re continuously making efforts to promote a workplace culture that’s welcoming to all and that makes people feel their backgrounds and differences are respected and valued.

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Who we are

We're an award-winning, employee-owned investment management and financial planning business, with a reputation for being at the forefront of ethical and sustainable investing. We’re also part-owned by a grant-making charitable foundation.

Alongside this, we structure and run our business in a sustainable way - holding ourselves to the same high ESG standards internally that we expect from our investee companies. This creates an engaged and committed internal 'employee-owned' culture - where the values of colleagues are aligned with the goals of our clients.

Core Values

Our co-owners have the opportunity to do what they do best when they are at work, get inspired and be excited about coming to work.

One thing that brings us together is our core values. Regardless of your role, our values are universal for everyone at Castlefield and empowers each of us to be the best that we can be:

  • Creating a sustainable business – We act to support and protect the future of our business
  • Ownership – We act like business owners because we are business owners
  • Responsibility – we value the role each of us plays
  • Empowerment – we have the power and freedom to make our business better

What makes Castlefield special

We believe Castlefield is a special place to work. Here are some of the reasons why...

“Castlefield produces a welcoming environment for new joiners and existing co-owners. There's a sense that co-owners want to make things better for clients even if can make things more challenging.

As we are owners of the business it does feel like we play our part in making things better for us and our clients.”

Co-owner feedback from independent engagement survey

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A committed team of over 50 Co-owners

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72% of Co-owners with Castlefield 3 years +

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Committed to achieve Net Zero by 2030

Life at Castlefield

Castlefield Co-owners tell us what it's like to work at Castlefield.

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We're proud affiliates of a range of worthy organisations

What makes Castlefield special

We're Castlefield, an investment management and financial planning business at the forefront of sustainable and ethical investing.

This year marks our 20th anniversary. Find out from some Castlefield Co-owners as they share some of their stories about what first attracted them to Castlefield, what makes Castlefield special and why they enjoy working here. 

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Employee Ownership Day 2023

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