Castlefield wouldn’t be where it is now if it wasn’t for our people. It’s what makes us unique – having a truly shared set of values and one common purpose.

Our co-owners and new starters have the opportunity to do what they do best when they are at work, get inspired and be excited coming to work. We set clear expectations for everyone ensuring the sense of purpose is alive. We support each other on that journey.

Our Values

At Castlefield we have put many of the typical symbols of hierarchy to one side, which allows us to create a more cohesive environment where great ideas are born.

Each role within the firm is typically multi–faceted and has wide-ranging accountability, allowing people to get involved in many different projects and work streams.

We’re very proud to be champions of diversity and support and promote inclusiveness in the workplace. You’re at your best when you’re you.

It’s important to us to ensure that Castlefield is an inspiring place to work and we recognise that diversity and inclusion are essential elements of a successful business.  We’re continuously making efforts to promote a workplace culture that’s welcoming to all and that makes people feel their backgrounds and differences are respected and valued. Sustaining a working environment where team members are free to be themselves and have all they need to reach their full potential is a priority for us. We want to have the best people and they can only be found by looking across the widest pool of talent where we can observe the greatest variety of experiences and perspectives. Castlefield values the principles of equal employment opportunity and we encourage applications from people with different backgrounds and experiences.

Learning is also hugely important and it’s our desire to have a firm full of professionals – this includes obtaining professional chartered status where possible. But we also realise that there’s more to your development than technical qualifications. That’s precisely why we created the Castlefield Academy.

We also care about your wellbeing and recognise the importance of a proper work-life balance. Structured support mechanisms are in place and we also run a number of initiatives throughout the year to promote healthy minds and bodies.

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What makes Castlefield special

We're Castlefield, an investment management and financial planning business at the forefront of sustainable and ethical investing.

This year marks our 20th anniversary. Find out from some Castlefield Co-owners as they share some of their stories about what first attracted them to Castlefield, what makes Castlefield special and why they enjoy working here. 

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Life at Castlefield

Castlefield Co-owners tell us what it's like to work at Castlefield.

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