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Whilst managing your clients’ important financial and accountancy requirements there’ll undoubted be times when you and they will benefit from complementary financial advice or investment management. Perhaps specific advice about establishing, consolidated or making maximum use of pensions. Alternatively, as part of a plan to make sure that their hard-earned money is passed on tax efficiently and benefits precisely only those they choose. Finally, perhaps assisting with planning for the future and investing money ahead of or at those moments triggered by major life events, such as a business sale, divorce or inheritance.

As your clients’ existing trusted adviser, we understand you want the certainty that their financial affairs will be handled professionally, so that you can introduce them to us with confidence.

Castlefield is a family of investment and advisory businesses at the forefront of responsible, ethical and thoughtful investing. We provide tailored financial and investment advice to private individuals and the businesses they own and work for, along with the not-for-profit organisations they help to run.

So, whether your client needs specific, one-off advice, or requires an ongoing service, our financial planners and investment team can help.

To learn more about how we can help you and your clients, please contact John Alexander on 07887 583204 or email Or, please complete the Enquiry Form. 

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