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Thank you for your interest in Castlefield – the thoughtful investor.

We expect financial advisers to contact us because they’re looking to invest their clients’ assets in a truly responsible and sustainable way, without wanting to sacrifice investment performance.

So-called Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing has become a popular theme over recent times. Indeed, a growing number of well-known investment managers have re-branded existing funds or launched new ones to capture a heightened investor demand.

As the thoughtful investor, our approach is genuinely different. We offer both a fully-embedded responsible investment approach and an organisational structure which emphasises our shared values as good corporate citizens. As we like to say, profit needn’t come at the expense of conscience.

Investing thoughtfully has been central to our ethos for many years. Since 2002, our proprietary approach has placed us at the forefront of responsible and sustainable investing.

We’ve a range of services amongst which we’re confident you’ll find at least one that’s appropriate to your clients’ needs, including platform models, sustainable portfolio funds, sustainable single-strategy funds, a discretionary investment management service and an AIM portfolio service. 

The Thoughtful Investor

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Sustainable Single-Strategy Funds

Managed by our dedicated team, each fund is configured to deliver a specific investment objective. Below are the fund factsheets for each of our single strategy funds. 

Sustainable Portfolio Funds

Our multi-asset funds offer easy access to the best of what we offer, whether your clients are looking for capital growth, income or any combination of the two.


Platform Model Portfolios

We have nine model portfolios, offering a range of investment objectives and risk profiles to meet most mainstream needs. 

These are currently available on Aviva & Novia platforms, as shown on the availability matrix document below. We are in continual discussions with third-party providers, so please contact us if the platform you typically use is not included on this document. 

AIM Portfolio Service

Our AIM Portfolio service is available for suitable clients looking to mitigate Inheritance Tax. Please contact us to find out more about the AIM portfolio. 

Discretionary Investment Management Service

Our tailored investment management service may be suitable for clients with more specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss in more detail. 


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Want to know more? To view the screening policy for the Sustainable fund range, please click here



As signatories of the UK Stewardship Code we take the stewardship of our investments seriously. You can find out more about how we approach this in our stewardship report which explains:

  • How we engage with investee firms
  • Recent ESG case examples
  • Some of our positive investment themes
  • Our recent voting history
Download stewardship report


To find out more, please contact John Alexander on 07887 583204 or email john.alexander@castlefield.com.

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