CFP SDL UK Buffettology Fund


The CFP SDL UK Buffettology Fund is an equity investment vehicle focused on producing an annual compounding return over the long term that is superior to the performance of the UK stock market in general. Through the application of a fundamental bottom-up stock picking approach, the investment manager has built a concentrated portfolio of 25 – 35 fully listed or AIM quoted equity positions of UK businesses that have enduring operating franchises, high returns on equity, strong free cash flow and experienced management teams.

The Fund is managed by Keith Ashworth-Lord of Sanford DeLand Asset Management. Keith, is able to draw on 30 years of equity market experience and is a seasoned practitioner of ‘Business Perspective Investing’, as championed by Ben Graham and Warren Buffett. Being unconstrained by any specific benchmark enables investment decisions to be made based upon fundamental analysis of companies, free from adherence to industry sectors or stock limits. This commitment to a unique, fundamental investment philosophy has produced a portfolio for investors with a low volatility (compared to other funds invested in UK listed shares) and yet high returns, since the Fund’s inception.



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