CFP Castlefield Sustainable European Fund

This fund aims to grow the value of your money by investing at least 80% of its value in the shares of European companies, whose underlying future profit potential is not yet understood by the market. This creates an opportunity, or as we call it, a valuation anomaly. These anomalies can be captured individually through an investment horizon of at least three to five years, making the fund itself best suited if you have a personal investment horizon of at least five years. This approach means the trading costs or portfolio turnover will be lower than average.

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High conviction portfolio

Concentrated portfolio of best ideas

Long Term Invest

Integrated responsible investment process

Consideration of non-financial ESG factors alongside financial analysis

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Focus on sustainable businesses

Listed in European countries and aligned to our values

The fund invests across countries, sectors and market capitalisation in search of the best ideas across the European continent. As with all of our single-strategy and portfolio funds, the investment process caters for thoughtful investors who wish to incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues when making investment decisions.

Using the B.E.S.T investment process, the fund considers a wide variety of criteria to determine the companies eligible for investment; the approach is explained as follows:

B – Business and Financial                        

E – Environmental and Ecological

S – Social

T – Transparency and Governance

We believe that looking at these factors can give a better perspective on the likely sustainability of a company’s strategy and therefore its ability to deliver rewards for shareholders via both capital appreciation and dividend income.

If a company shows scant regard for its stakeholders or its environment, there is a potentially greater risk that this will eventually result in a major problem, that then risks impairing capital permanently. By the same token, we expect that companies which are focused on these criteria as a matter of course will have the potential to produce better returns in the long term.

Companies recommended for the fund are assessed across a wide variety of environmental, social and governance factors. We also apply our own exclusion criteria where we wish to avoid exposure, in accordance with our screening policy. As well as these exclusionary filters, the fund seeks to favour positive business practices by investing in companies that benefit the environment and wider society. We feel that this blend of positive and negative criteria is essential and allows us to capture the key concerns of investors.

At Castlefield, we take our role as shareholders very seriously and realise the importance of effective stewardship in encouraging good corporate practices. This means that we will exercise our voting rights wherever possible and seek to engage with companies to advocate suitable policies. We believe that good corporate governance at investee companies will be of long-term benefit to the value of our investments.

In summary, the fund’s objective is the long-term generation of shareholder return through a concentrated portfolio of high conviction ideas from European countries, which demonstrate strong ESG practises.

Positive Investment Themes to make a difference

Our stock stories demonstrate how our authentic sustainable approach works in practice.

Learn more about some of the typical holdings in our funds and see which of our sustainable themes investments contribute to. 

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