CFP Castlefield Sustainable Portfolio Growth Fund

This fund aims primarily to achieve capital growth and also to provide some income consistent with this primary objective. It’s aimed at investors who’re comfortable with an investment time horizon of at least five years. To achieve this objective, we expect to invest at least 50% in other collective investment funds - some managed by ourselves and some managed by other highly regarded investment houses we in turn carefully select.

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Diversified portfolio

Diversified portfolio of multiple asset classes

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Integrated responsible investment process

Consideration of non-financial ESG factors alongside financial analysis

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Focus on sustainable businesses

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Being a portfolio fund, the range of investments from which the team will choose is deliberately wide and is expected to include underlying exposure of between 45% and 80% to UK and global shares and between 5% and 25% to fixed interest securities. Other complementary investments are also made, such as commercial property and more specialist funds. The portfolio fund may also invest directly in underlying shares and other investments; all with the aim of offering an efficient and effective balance between risk, potential return and total cost.

Research has shown that the biggest factor in achieving good long-term returns is the effective management of a portfolio’s exposure to broad categories of investment (like shares on the one hand or fixed interest securities on the other). This is in contrast to the importance to long term returns of choosing to invest in any one individual share or security instead of another. As such, a portfolio fund aims to offer an effective means of accessing actively managed, multi-faceted portfolio management, all in one place. In effect, beyond your initial decision to invest in the portfolio fund, all of the subsequent difficult choices are taken care of. Not only that but, unlike other portfolio funds, the fund combines our proprietary B.E.S.T responsible investment approach with a focus on funds and other investments with a ‘sustainability’ theme.

The B.E.S.T approach is a proprietary investment selection system to assess the merits of competing investment choices. The system incorporates four main criteria to assess both financial and non-financial attributes, which we believe will affect long-term investor returns. These are:

B - Business & Financial

E - Environmental & Ecological

S - Positive Social Influence

T - Transparency & Governance

If you wish to invest for the long term with a focus upon capital growth, are happy to trust a professional team to look after your money and recognise the benefits of investing both responsibly and sustainably, then the Castlefield Sustainable Portfolio Growth Fund could be for you.

Positive Investment Themes

Our stock stories demonstrate how our authentic sustainable approach works in practice.

Learn more about some of the typical holdings in our funds and see which of our sustainable themes investments contribute to. 

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