What we've been reading: In this book review, Castlefield co-owner George Williams reviews George Monbiot's 'Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis'.

Our Carbon Literacy Trainer, Helen Tandy takes a look at what practices we've put in place to push forward carbon reduction plans since the pandemic.

Our European stock story comes on the back of some good news for Accell Group, the Netherlands based bicycle manufacturer. Castlefield Fund Manager Rory Hammerson discusses this leader in e-bikes.

Episode 26: A New Hope

January 18/01/2022

Fund manager Simon Holman looks at what was achieved at the recent COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow and unpicks some of the positive signs.

Our UK Stock Story this month features EMIS Group, which was the first UK health-tech provider to launch a software system to support the NHS in the largest vaccination programme in its history.

Unilever recently held a conference on animal testing, this blog outlines the complex regulatory background and how Unilever navigate it.

Following an extensive engagement project with Alternative Investment Market (AIM) listed companies on the topics of diversity and remuneration, we have now authored a report to illustrate our findings.

Castlefield B.E.S.T Sustainable European Fund Manager, Rory Hammerson, comments on January's European stock story - Akka Technologies, a global leader in the mobility engineering segment.

This article examines when you may not need to submit a full tax return, and if not, how else to communicate with HMRC, and what information to consider.

UK Stock Story – Anpario

December 14/12/2021

Our UK stock story this month looks at Anpario PLC, a small company making a big contribution to improving the quality of our food.

In this analysis of the UK retail energy market, Mike Heron outlines why so many energy providers have faced financial difficulties and offers useful tips for those looking for a new sustainable green energy provider.

Stewardship is a topic close to our hearts at Castlefield, but it's the stewardship of land that prompted our European fund manager Rory Hammerson to sound a rallying cry after reading Wilding by Isabella Tree.