We dislike the environmental impact of packaging but recognise its importance. Building the machines that assemble things like food and medicine, MPac Group is at the forefront of new developments in packaging.


March 29/03/2022

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are being advertised in record number, regularly appearing in mainstream media - often with celebrity endorsement and exaggerated claims.

Smart meters are a common sight these days. We invest in Scottish company Smart Metering Systems, which is at the forefront of the government-mandated roll-out of smart meters.

COP 15 – Biodiversity

March 17/03/2022

In this article, European fund manager Rory Hammerson looks at how COP15 is seen as the most critical biodiversity summit in a decade, with natural species declining at unprecedented rates in human history.

When we consider giving with our clients this predominately takes on two forms: charitable giving and making financial gifts to family. With both, there are considerations to be made at tax year end.

This month’s European stock story features Dutch company NX Filtration which provides nanofiltration technology to address issues around water scarcity and water quality.

In this piece, Olivia Bowen looks back at her career (which started at a similar time) and recounts how the world of ethical investment has progressed and how our clients are still at the forefront of ESG.

In our "What we've been reading" book review series, Castlefield co-owner Nathan Cameron discusses the impassioned climate catastrophe call to action: 'The Uninhabitable Earth' by David Wallace-Wells.

Summary of the investment Advisory Committee meeting from February 2022.

UK Stock Story – Blancco

February 17/02/2022

Who doesn’t have a couple of old mobile phones and a defunct laptop knocking around the house? Our Head of Research David Gorman asks what we should do with our e-waste. Blancco Technology Group has an answer.

What we've been reading: In this book review, Castlefield co-owner George Williams reviews George Monbiot's 'Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis'.

Our Carbon Literacy Trainer, Helen Tandy takes a look at what practices we've put in place to push forward carbon reduction plans since the pandemic.