One thing we share as co-owners of Castlefield is the fundamental belief that we can earn competitive long-term financial returns for our clients, by investing in a values-based way, alongside making a positive difference to the world around us; if you like, the returns we deliver extend well beyond the financial.

Over more than two decades of investing, we’ve delivered competitive, values-based returns through an approach which is as rigorous as it is genuine.

Castlefield's Sustainable Fund Range

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What sets our sustainability apart

  • Our approach to ESG is integrated and applied
  • Our well-resourced, experienced team does its own proprietary research
  • A sector-leading Voting and Engagement Policy
  • We structure and run our business in a sustainable way

Our lived values align with the clients we work with.

We don’t just do this for a day job we are committed and longstanding advocates and participants

Featured stocks and positive themes

Our stock stories demonstrate how our authentic sustainable approach works in practice.

Learn more about some of the typical holdings in our funds and see which of our positive sustainable investment themes they contribute to. 

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