CFP Castlefield Sustainable UK Smaller Companies Fund


The investment philosophy of the CFP Castlefield Sustainable UK Smaller Companies Fund is to invest in well managed UK smaller companies that are financially sound, have a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage and are capable of long term growth.

The investment process involves a thorough appraisal of a company’s management, a detailed financial review and an assessment of its market position and the competitive environment. We also look to invest in companies that can demonstrate a high level of employee engagement and where employees are encouraged to become shareholders.


Fund Manager David Elton introduces the fund:


Important material to read before you apply:

Fund Literature (Assessment of Value, ​Factsheet, KIID, Prospectus, Financial Statements, SID, TMA)


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If you’d prefer a more traditional way to invest, the option exists to complete an application form. Please see the link below.


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Additional resources:

Fund Prices

Sustainable Fund Range Screening Policy

Sustainable Funds Quarterly Investment Management Report

Portfolio holdings at prior Quarter end