CFP Castlefield Sustainable UK Opportunities Fund

The CFP Castlefield Sustainable UK Opportunities Fund is an unconstrained, UK equity focused investment vehicle – often forming the core of client portfolios invested across of a broader range of assets. The fund’s approach is firmly rooted in our own  analysis of company fundamentals, where we aim to identify those firms that can grow their earnings, either by accessing a growing niche within a wider industry, having access to superior pricing from technological or market dynamics or owning assets which we feel are fundamentally undervalued. By drawing on our own in-house research we are able to provide an unbiased view of investment opportunities and build a portfolio accordingly.

The fund typically comprises 35-45 holdings, run using a conviction style investment. In other words, we commit to our investments rather than tracking an index and have a low turnover of holdings, recognising that excessive trading is often to the detriment of performance. The fund has a multi-market capitalisation remit extending from large-cap down to small-cap and AIM stocks. Furthermore, we are free from sector or stock limits, which would otherwise require us to hold shares in a sector or company to which we are not fully committed. With this combination of research driven investment approach and concentrated portfolio construction we are able to maximise our efforts for investors.


Important material to read before you apply:

Fund Literature (Assessment of Value, ​Factsheet, KIID, Prospectus, Financial Statements, SID, TMA)


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