CFP Castlefield Real Return Fund

The CFP Castlefield Real Return Fund aims to deliver returns to investors in excess of UK inflation over a rolling three-year time horizon. The fund has been designed to provide returns broadly consistent with those from a pool of “real assets” but with the lower volatility more in line with that historically observed in the fixed income sector. In order to achieve this, the portfolio provides access to a wide range of investment classes including structured products, infrastructure and commodities as well as investments in the fixed income sector, including unrated bonds, floating rate debt and senior loans. In this way, we feel we are able to meet the long term needs of those investors who are conscious of the effects of inflation eroding the value of their investments, but who are generally unwilling or unable to accept the volatility that traditionally goes hand in hand with investing in the likes of global stockmarkets. By providing a low-volatility vehicle to access these returns, we are not only able to maximise long-term returns to investors but also substantially reduce the risks around timing an investment into or withdrawal from the fund.


Important material to read before you apply:

Fund Literature (Assessment of Value, ​Factsheet, KIID, Prospectus, Financial Statements, SID, TMA)


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