E-LIFE Documentary Q&A with Castlefield and Director Ed Scott-Clarke

E-life is the powerful documentary that examines what happens when everyday household electrical items are discarded, and uncovers the poorly regulated industry of e-waste exportation. In this exclusive Q&A, E-life director Ed Scott-Clarke joins Castlefield's Pooja Shah to discuss the scale of the growing global e-waste problem explored within his film.

He provides a harrowing, first-hand account of filming in some of the recycling plants in Ghana, and tells of the horrific conditions faced by residents living and working close by to where hazardous materials from Europe and the US are openly processed. Ed also gives his views on how manufacturers and governments can help to change the short-term consumer mindset, and provides a timely update on some of the changes that have happened worldwide surrounding e-waste since his film was first aired. Ita McMahon, from the Castlefield investment team, also gives details on how Castlefield's investment process addresses environmental issues along with explaining why Castlefield got involved with the E-life project.


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