La Renaissance donation page moved to Givey

After several successful fundraising events on behalf of our charity partner La Renaissance we are pleased to announce that our future fundraising activity for them will be carried out using Givey. Givey are a UK-based organisation who have set up an online portal to share details of fundraising activities and facilitate donations. Givey were named as the #1 charity fundraising website on


Givey do not charge set up fees for charities or donors. In addition, rather than deduct fees from donations, a 5% transaction fee is added on top which means that all of the pledged donation finds its way to the charity. Givey also supports Gift Aid, maximising the amount that can benefit each charity and typically pay donations across weekly. By ensuring as much money from pledged donations reaches the underlying charities and is paid to them speedily, the funds raised can be utilised in the most effective way. For small charities like La Renaissance which have regular outgoings such as paying teachers' salaries, the importance of this can’t be underestimated.

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Following on from the publishing of our Stewardship report, we have released our Voting Guidelines...

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The Better Society Awards 2018

Castlefield have been shortlisted for three categories in this year’s Better Society Awards.

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