What do companies need to do to regain trust - article by Clean Space, Gaeia’s ethical cleaning company

Here at Gaeia we recently changed our cleaning company to a business which, whilst not quite managing the heady heights of Gaeia’s 20 years in business, have notched up an impressive 10 years in their industry. We selected the company based on their culture, ethics and commitment to their employees’ welfare. Below is more information about Clean Space and their business model. Charlie Mowat, Managing Director at Clean Space, has recently written an article “What do companies need to do to regain trust? Be more than ethical” http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/charlie-mowat/what-do-companies-need-to-do_b_3364323.html Do have a read of this article and more about the company below.   The Clean Space Partnership Ethical cleaning without costing the earth The Clean Space Partnership provides ethical cleaning services to commercial spaces in London, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Brighton, Exeter and Plymouth. Current clients include offices, building managers, business centres, museums, art galleries, spas, health clubs, gyms, and even theatres. The Clean Space mission is simple: to become the best cleaning company in the UK known for its forward-thinking and ethical values. Its unique business model, which allows our cleaners to become partners in the business, results in happier cleaners that deliver a higher quality of service to our clients. The company’s ethics covers three areas:
  • People: We look after our cleaners so they look after you
  • Products: We use eco-friendly cleaning products and consumables (without sacrificing      quality to you)
  • Waste: We have an integrated recycling service that makes it as easy as possible for you      to recycle
  Helen Tandy