The impact of all-inclusive hotels on local communities & their environment

    Tourism Concern are looking for donations to help print and disseminate a valuable report: The impacts of all-inclusive hotels on working conditions and labour rights in Kenya, Tenerife & Barbados. Gaeia are concerned about the impact the all-inclusive hotels have on the local communities, e.g. poor pay, poor working conditions and squandering of local water supplies which deprive locals. Therefore we have donated to the report. If you too are concerned you may also wish to make a donation. To donate please click on the link below. DONATE NOW Tourism Concern’s comments: The report was produced in collaboration with the IUF and is 24 pages long and adds to our understanding of working conditions in hotels and the impacts of the all-inclusive model on worker rights. Given the report is more extensive than planned we are now looking for some help to cover the print and dissemination costs. We had planned to only have digital versions available however it is also useful to have print copies which we can distribute to industry, academics and trade unions. We will also be able to raise awareness of these issues with tourists who may be thinking of staying at an all-inclusive resort. We also have a launch event on the 24th March at the House of Commons, which will be hosted by Steve Reed OBE MP. Mark Watson, Executive Director. Contact Tourism Concern if you would like to attend the launch event. Sign up for news from Tourism Concern via the web site.