Spam, spam and more spam

How many emails do you tend to receive a day? Of that total, how many have a genuine business intention and of those, how many do you really want to receive? When the final number in this sequence can still total more than 100 (in my case at least), we can all begin to realise that things are getting out of hand. To the rescue, some new and expensive anti-spam software. (Things are never that simple I hear you say! ) Problem one: Such systems operate on the basis of a 'white list'. If your sender's email address is on it, they can still get through; if not, their emails get bounced back. Thanks to the patience of our regular clients and contacts and their tendency to ring us to ask if there is a problem, we think most legitimate senders are now on the 'white list'. If you're still having trouble sending emails to us, please get in touch (not by email, obviously!) Problem two: Our new web site provides the facility to complete an enquiry box to send an email straight to us from the site. Well it would do, had our new anti-spam software not removed all these emails as potential spam threats! The problem arises because emails generated by visitors in this way are technically sent from one of our legitimate internal email addresses to the same email address. Unfortunately, this is a favoured tactic of spammers, on the assumption that such email addresses will automatically be on any 'white list'. Whilst the problem is now solved (fingers crossed) if you have not had a response to a recent email sent from the site, please try sending it again. Thank you for your patience.  John

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