Positive changes at Gaeia

We are delighted to tell you that Gaeia has recently merged with Castlefield, a Manchester-based investment and financial services business owned by a mix of a charitable foundation and employees benefits trust. The ownership structure is designed for the benefit of current and future generations of clients and employees. The Gaeia name remains and we will continue to provide the same services as Independent Financial Advisors. We will be able to spread the word about environmental and ethical investment more effectively and to more individuals, businesses and charities as a result of the merger. Brigid, Olivia and Helen will remain Directors and shareholders in the new enlarged company, along side our new senior colleagues from Castlefield, John Eckersley (the new MD) and Haydon Waldek (Director), who are committed to both employee ownership and the growth of ethically/environmentally responsible investment.

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As investors, we vote at company AGMs. It’s a responsibility we take seriously. Read the updated Voting Guidelines.

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Climate Change in a Covid-19 World

How climate change risks sliding down the political agenda due to COVID-19 and what investors can do about it.

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