People power influences fishery policy in Europe

  Greenpeace & others campaigned to reform the Common Fisheries Policy which they describe as "the package of broken laws that have depleted our fish stocks and devastated fishing communities across Europe."   Excitingly, largely as a result of their efforts, European politicians have recently voted  in favour of reform of these fishing laws.   Greenpeace summarise the campaign: "Previously, huge industrial interests have held our seas to ransom, emptying our waters for profit. But then thousands of us stepped in to help. Cooperation between campaign groups, fishermen, champion politicians, retailers, and celebrity chefs like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, all made sure that our MEPs could not ignore what we wanted: real change to protect our fragile seas."   Described by  the BBC's environmental analyst, Roger Harrabin, as  a "victory for citizen power"  it's wonderful to see such a huge problem being tackled at last the benefits from which will be felt globally. We must all now get ready to eat a more diverse range of fish species!   Posted by Olivia Bowen   SGOBblog/110213

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