I’m a lumberjack...

It's come to our attention that TreeStation, pioneers in urban woodland management, have launched a community share offer. Committed to making the most out of every scrap of used and discarded wood, they're hoping to raise £230K to buy an 180Kw biomass boiler and a wood drying kiln which will make the business even more sustainable. Director Patrick Morrello said: "The more wood we're able to dry and process on site, the more we can reduce our carbon footprint and maximise our available timber. Most wood from trees is chipped and sent to power stations. This is a colossal waste of local resources. We'd rather dry the wood and turn it into firewood and sawn timber, which can be used more efficiently to generate heat for local homes, or to make furniture." Shares in Treestation can be bought by downloading the share offer document and application form. The minimum investment is £200 and the maximum £50K. Shares are eligible for Enterprise Investment Scheme relief – a tax refund of 30% of the amount invested, subject to eligibility. This is not an offer or a solicitation to make an investment. It does not constitute a personal recommendation. If you are considering investing, you should speak to your financial adviser for advice.

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