Ethical Photography

We support KijijiVision and Majority World. Their mission: 'To reveal, support, develop and promote indigenous photographers from the majority world whilst also making it easier for image buyers and the general public to access their work.' Congratulations to MajorityWorld for getting funding from Stitching DOEN March 2011

Majority World

The majority world is a more accurate term for what has been known as the developing world, the third world or the global south. KijijiVision is a campaigning organisation which, in collaboration with developing world picture agencies, has launched Majority World . Majority World is the world’s first web-based image library dedicated to showcasing photographic talent emerging from the developing world (or majority world as it is increasingly being called.) The aim is twofold: to help indigenous photographers improve living standards by selling their photographs globally and to make it easier for image buyers and the general public worldwide to access their work. Research has shown that over 90% of images we see of the developing world are taken by white, European and American photographers. What many people don’t realise is that there are local photographers who could do this work. Yet they are marginalised and excluded from the global image market due to barriers they face. These include difficulties in accessing markets and lack of understanding as to their true expertise. Many people who buy images are aware of this, but have felt powerless to change the situation. Yet now there is something that can be done to support local talent.

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