Ethex ~ a route to investing in “positive investments”

Ethex, a website where you can research and invest in different social or environmental investments via bonds, cash accounts, and shares, was launched in 2012. The investment range available includes social housing and solar energy. 

Positive Investing means putting your money directly into businesses whose mission and impacts you support, and that also offer a potential financial return. In the past it has not always been easy to make positive investments. Ethex wants to make it easy for individuals to research and support positive investments.

Gaeia has long supported this sector, and is delighted to now be able to point people in the direction of Ethex. Please note that this sort of niche investing should not necessarily be considered a replacement for your more mainstream ethical accounts, but can certainly complement them. You could lose all the capital which you invest.

Ethex supports the social business sector by:
  • Providing new sources of capital from sympathetic investors
  • Helping develop a liquid market in positive investment
  • Providing valuable support through a comprehensive investor relations service.

If you would like to know more about positive investments (also called alternative or social impact investments), please contact your Gaeia adviser or Ethex directly.