Alliance Trust :: a positive move

As many of you will know, the future of the Aviva ethical fund range was thrown up in the air last year as part of Aviva’s restructuring plan, which included a radical reduction of its investment operations. Having been long-standing supporters of what the Aviva team were doing to grow and promote ethical investment, we were very concerned at the implications for committed ethical investors in general, but particularly so for you, our clients. Fortunately, Alliance Trust took the strategic decision to invest in the team and their funds and commit to the growing ethical market. It was heartening both that an established investment house was willing to make such a commitment to the sector and that the team and the funds remained largely intact. Now firmly established within Alliance Trust, we are pleased to report that they have been able to continue their good work. The team are producing plenty of updates on the ethical investment world in general, from information on their policies regarding voting and executive compensation, to thematic updates on energy markets and healthcare needs in emerging nations. Since the move was announced, the majority of their funds have performed very well compared to their non-ethical benchmarks, while over longer periods the range is holding its own through the ups and downs of the markets. All in all, we feel happy that this move is turning out for the best not just for the SRI team but most importantly for ethical investors in the UK.   If you would like advice about your existing or new funds, talk to a financial adviser at Gaeia. T: 0161 233 4550.   The information contained on this page does not represent investment or financial advice and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any specific financial products or services

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