Brexit: What about climate change?
Jul 08/07/2016

In the wake of Brexit, “uncertainty” has become somewhat of a buzzword. The variables and unknown quantities resulting from the displacement of various political figures in the wake of the vote to leave (or not in the case of Jeremy Corbyn) has meant the number of outcomes for the future political landscape of Britain is huge. This upheaval may cause concern for those worried about the implications for the climate, as the EU is often seen as a driver for much of UK environmental policy. With this is mind, how will the Brexit vote and subsequent political turmoil impact upon the UK’s ambitions for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions?

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Do your bit to support ethical investment research
Jul 07/07/2016

Ethex and the Social Investment Research Council (SIRC) have set up a comprehensive survey in order to research attitudes towards ethical/positive investing and saving in the UK. This survey is the largest of its type, and goes into more detail than historic surveys on the subject. The aim is to understand much more about whom social investors are and what motivates them...

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Brexit Update
Jul 04/07/2016

Back in the mists of time – well, Friday in actual fact, although a week has certainly been a long time in politics – I and colleague Kate Hewitt wrote a pair of blogs reflecting some initial thoughts on the outcome of the referendum on EU membership.

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