18 October 2012 : The Manchester Sermon

This is part of National Ethical Investment Week (NEIW) which is an annual event to promote green and ethical investments to a wider public, including businesses and charities. It is also part of Manchester Literature Festival. Time: 18 October 7pm Location: Manchester Cathedral The Manchester Sermon, reflecting on the modern sermon and ethical issues of the day, took place at Manchester Cathedral.  Whitbread novel award winner writer Ali Smith more info was joined in conversation with broadcaster Edward Stourton to discuss the sermon as a literary form and its place in contemporary culture.  It was accompanied by music from the Manchester Cathedral Choir. “Recent economic events only demonstrate the need for more ethical oversight of our money and investments” said Brigid Benson, founder of Gaeia, the ethical investment arm of the Castlefield Group. “People are concerned about how our society is governed, what banks do with our money, and if economic pain or growth is being shared fairly.  Since the global financial crisis, investment in ethically screened funds and interest in responsible banking has reached record levels and is no longer on the margins.” “I’ve spent the last twenty years spreading the word about green and ethical investments and it’s gratifying to see investors and financial institutions are factoring social and environmental impacts in to their decisions.  These two events will help raise the profile of this strongly growing sector in an otherwise flat market. I’m particularly pleased we’re supporting an event at the Manchester Literary Festival and look forward to a stimulating evening.” See also: What do ethical investors want?

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