Castlefield Shortlisted in the Better Society Awards


We are delighted to announce that Castlefield have been shortlisted for three categories in this year’s Better Society Awards, organised by the Better Society Network. The purpose of the awards is to recognise and reward companies who are working towards a more equal and sustainable society. The winner will be decided by an independent panel who will judge those who have reached the final on their positive influence on society. This year we are finalists in three categories including Asset Manager of the Year, Partnership with an International Charity and The Communication and Education Award.


The application process involved a 100-word company summary alongside a more detailed 1,000-word submission for each category evidencing our commitment to achieving a better society. The Asset Manager category is appraised on a company’s commitment to aiding charities and not-for-profits in a direct and specialised way whilst the International Charity Partnership requires evidence of a partnership that is both comprehensive and at a deep level. In describing our meaningful and unique partnership with Burdens Charitable Foundation (BCF) - in particular their school for the blind and visually impaired in Burkina Faso, La Renaissance - we have shown how the partnership with Castlefield has allowed the charity to meet its objectives.


Tony Burden, a founder and trustee of Burden’s Charitable Foundation had this to say:

“The partnership between Castlefield Investment Partners and Burdens Charitable Foundation plays a crucial role for BCF. Collaboration with Castlefield and the engagement shown by Castlefield’s employees provide the foundation with a stability that enables BCF to maintain and sustain its operations in Burkina Faso. BCF channels grants from Castlefield’s clients, as well as the impressive results of fund-raising by Castlefield’s employees, directly into work for the blind, particularly children, in Burkina Faso. As a trustee of BCF I feel honoured to be chosen for this partnership by a firm with such a clear ethical profile as Castlefield.”


Furthermore, we work tirelessly to spread the message of Thoughtful Investing via our social media output, blogs, interviews with the written media, podcasts and research reports to name but a few. As well as taking pains to ensure that clients and prospective clients understand that their personal values can be brought to bear in making financial choices, we also make sure that every co-owner in our employee owned business has the knowledge necessary to deliver our Thoughtful Investing approach to clients. We are pleased that these efforts have allowed us to reach the final stages in the Communication and Education category.


This marks the 4th Annual Better Society Awards which are to be held on the 24th May 2018. We are immensely proud to have been recognised as being at the forefront of thoughtful investing within the asset management industry, after all this is why we are known as ‘The Thoughtful Investor’. For more information on the awards please follow the link to the Better Society’s website:


Written by Chloe Smith

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The Better Society Awards 2018

Castlefield have been shortlisted for three categories in this year’s Better Society Awards.

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