A growing theme amongst our clients is a desire to ‘make a difference’. Not just in ensuring that their money is invested in line with their personal values, but also in formalising approaches to sharing their good fortune with others.

This section introduces our approach to philanthropy and the services we offer to assist clients.


Your charitable giving

Many people leave money to charities in their will, but in our experience many wish to give more money away during their lifetime, but aren’t quite sure how best to go about this.  The advantages of doing so are significant – the charities receive money sooner, and the donor receives the positive benefits of seeing their money bring about positive change in the world.


‘I started out by thinking about the positive effect my giving was bound to have on other people but quickly realised that it actually had an immensely positive impact on me.’


Our approach involves:

  • An assessment of how much you can afford to give away, either as a lump sum or from income
  • Advice on the most tax-efficient way to structure your giving, bearing in mind your wider financial situation – the tax benefits vary considerably depending upon your income, capital gains tax position and sums donated
  • If required, we can also engage an external Philanthropy Adviser to provide expert advice on how to hone the areas you’d like to support, or if you need help identifying suitable charities and monitoring impact
  • Guidance on which vehicle would be best suited to your giving – whether a charitable bank account, a donor-advised fund, a personal charitable trust, or direct donations from your bank account


Charitable Trusts

Charitable Trusts are set up with the donor and either a friend or family members as fellow trustees.  You will need to submit annual accounts to The Charity Commission, and ensure your Trust meets legal and technical requirements.


Donor-advised Funds (DAF)

Donor-advised funds offer the facility of running the administration and legal side of the charity, so that you don’t have to liaise directly with The Charity Commission yourselves, and can be sure the Trust is acting within their rules and regulations.

We appoint The Charity Service for our clients’ donor-advised funds – a charity themselves, they provide bespoke Trust management service to individuals, as well as services for charities.  You will always be dealing with the same contact who therefore has knowledge of your Trust and history and can provide a personal approach. 

Your donated funds will be invested and managed by Castlefield Investment Partners, and therefore benefit from ethical screening according to our proprietary B.E.S.T responsible investment approach.


Ongoing philanthropy

If you would like us to provide an ongoing service in relation to your philanthropy, this can include:

  • Ongoing investment of your charitable trust’s funds, where appropriate
  • Helping you to understand the investment approach and performance, if funds are invested
  • Ongoing assessment of the gifting strategy and how this affects your trust’s funds, or your personal finances
  • Liaising with The Charity Service where required


Next steps

We’d love to hear from you if this is an area you would like to explore, either as a trustee or individual.  We can provide advice on a fixed fee basis, meaning that you don’t have to sign up for our full financial advice or investment management services in order to benefit from our philanthropy advice. Please call us or use the contact us button below for more information.

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