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Throughout your life, you’ll need financial advice for all sorts of reasons. From planning for your retirement to managing your investments, from life insurance to inheritance planning for your family, it’s important to get the expert guidance that’s just right for you.

As consumers, we often choose to buy from companies whose values we share and avoid others whose impact is detrimental to our world. It therefore seems a natural extension to reflect our values in our financial planning decisions too.

That’s where Castlefield comes in. For over 20 years, we've been providing responsible financial advice tailored to more thoughtful individuals, reflecting their individual values, objectives and changing needs.

We aim to make a positive difference to the lives of our clients and the world in which we all live.

Whether taking care of immediate or long-term financial decisions, we advise on a range of strategies to manage money thoughtfully, ethically and wisely.

Whilst our clients may initially approach us to discuss a specific financial concern or need, there could be any number of areas we will be able to assist them with, at different stages throughout their life.

Additionally, we can suggest innovative alternative investments, which focus on longer-term benefit to specific projects, communities and the environment, rather than on short-term, purely financial reward.


We can help individuals with:

  • Making one-off investments
  • Establishing and managing an investment portfolio
  • Establishing tax efficient savings and investments (including ISAs)
  • Advising on pensions and retirement planning
  • Insuring your life, protecting your income and making sure you are cared for in later life
  • Structuring your affairs to make sure the right people benefit after your death

In a business context we can help with:

  • Financial planning for directors
  • Key person cover
  • Shareholder protection


We offer a full Comprehensive Advisory Service and a more straightforward Overview Advisory Service.

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