Considering positive investment themes when making investment decisions for our Sustainable Fund range is important at Castlefield. We believe responsible business practices, along with sustainable products and services, will allow companies to produce better investment returns over the long term.

Our positive themes provide a framework for assessing the positive credentials of any individual investment.

We've recently updated these and included a few more featured holdings, to show how this works in practice. 

Positive Investment Themes

Below are a few example holdings to demonstrate how these positive themes works in practice. You can filter the results to see which sustainable theme investments contribute to and click through for more information on the stock. NB: while our Real Return fund follows the B.E.S.T. sustainable investment process, it is not included within our Sustainable Fund Range.

Good Energy

One of the UK's leading renewable energy suppliers. Vertically integrated utility business. Supplies 100% renewable electricity to its customers.

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Experian PLC

Experian plc is an Anglo-Irish multinational consumer credit reporting company. They help businesses to make smarter decisions and thrive, lenders to lend more responsibly, and organizations to prevent identity fraud and crime.

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The Renewables Infrastructure Group

The Renewables Infrastructure Group has a diversified portfolio of renewables infrastructure that contributes towards a zero-carbon future.

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Intertek Group

Intertek Group plc is a British multinational assurance, inspection, product testing and certification company headquartered in London.

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Download a copy of the latest Annual Stewardship Report

For more case examples of how our positive themes work in practice, please download the latest Annual Stewardship Report using the link below.

The report also includes details of our Thoughtful Investment Approach, Impact Reporting, Stewardship, Engagement, Case Studies and Voting Activity.

Download Annual Stewardship Report

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