Positive Investment Themes

Considering positive investment themes when making investment decisions is important at Castlefield. We believe responsible business practices, along with sustainable products and services, will allow companies to produce better investment returns over the long term.

Our ten positive themes provide a framework for assessing the positive credentials of any individual investment.

Below are a few example holdings to demonstrate how these positive themes works in practice. You can filter the results to see which sustainable theme investments contribute to and click through for more information on the stock.


Medica is the market leader in the UK and Ireland in teleradiology. Teleradiology involves the transmission and display of radiological images, such as CT scans and X-Rays, to a different location to the clinical setting in which the image was taken.

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Inspiration Healthcare

Inspiration Healthcare Group plc is a global supplier of medical technology for critical care, operating theatre and home healthcare applications. A fully integrated medical technology company with a focus on the neonatal intensive care market.

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Accell Group

Accell Group makes bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories and are the European market leader in e-bikes and second largest in bicycle parts and accessories.

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Sonova Holding

Sonova develops and markets hearing care solutions in two segments – hearing instruments and cochlear implants

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