Initial Advice Service

If you need help sorting out your financial affairs, whether that involves advice on how to invest a lump sum or a more in-depth look at multiple aspects of your financial situation, then the first step is to arrange a chat about how our Initial Advice Service could be the answer.

We’ll help you to decide at the outset whether it’s sensible for us to restrict our advice to one particular area – perhaps the one you’ve already identified as being of most pressing need or current concern to you - or whether you’d really benefit from our help in developing a much more all-encompassing financial plan.

That said, if it’s just one-off help with investing a lump sum you’re after, then we’ll certainly do our best to make sure that how you invest your money in future is more attuned to the values you live by in your day-to-day life.

Why not have a look at how we’ve been able to help some of our existing clients?

This is a one-off advice service. This means that, having spent time getting to know you and agreeing how comprehensive you’d like our advice to be and then having undertaken all of the necessary research relevant to you, we’ll present you with a report, advising you how to make the most of your finances. Assuming you agree with our suggestions, our charges include fully implementing our advice, so that you’ll then be set fair for the future.

If investing a lump sum is relevant to you, we’ll typically provide access to proactive, discretionary investment management, which offers access to an experienced investment management and stewardship team; combining financial returns with a responsible and sustainable investment approach.

Our advice will typically involve a recommendation as to whether we think you’d benefit from ongoing help and advice. You’ll be free to accept that advice or not – there’s no obligation to become an ongoing client if you’d prefer not to. Whilst the Initial Advice Service will present you with some options which are designed to meet your current needs, things change over time so, it’s important to know that you can benefit, if you wish, from a regular reassessment of the suitability of your our initial, one off advice. For this reason, many clients opt to continue their relationship with us, beyond the initial advice stage, by taking advantage of our separate, Ongoing Advice Service.

Our 'Thoughtful Advice For a World of Difference' brochure explains more about the features and benefits of the Initial Advice Service and how it fits into our range of services. Our Client Agreement explains more about how we’ll work with you and what the likely one-off costs will be. These can be found in the document library. 

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