An Introduction to Thoughtful Investing

In this webcast we discuss the increasing prominence of ESG factors when investing and how to ensure your assets are aligned to your values so they are actually used to make a positive difference. We call this approach 'Thoughtful investing'.


About this event

Ethical or responsible investing has increased in prominence recently, as more people become aware of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, and whether their investments are helping to combat these or if they may actually be contributing towards them.

As investors take a greater interest in using their money to make a positive difference in the world, they are faced with a growing number of definitions, acronyms and fund labels all claiming to be responsible, sustainable and ethical. But what do they all mean and how do you tell the difference?

An Introduction to Thoughtful Investing - Webcast Link



Why you should watch

This webcast for individuals and charity investors aims to make things clearer for you.

You'll hear from our European fund manager Rory Hammerson and Senior Executive Amelia Overd as they explain what the different approaches mean and outline how we determine which companies to invest our client's funds in.

We'll also be joined by Adam Moloney, the CFO from sustainable tech leaders 'Blancco Technology', to hear how they approach ESG considerations and the increasing prominence of ESG on the corporate agenda. Castlefield Partner Olivia Bowen chairs this discussion.

During the webcast we cover:

  • What the different investing approaches mean i.e. ESG, ethical, responsible and sustainable
  • How we determine which investments are suitable for investing in and how ESG and sustainability factors are integrated
  • How prominent ESG is on the corporate agenda
  • Using investments to make a positive difference
  • Greenwashing and the increased risk of greenwashing

Why you should watch:

  • Understand what ESG excellence looks like
  • Hear what it’s like from an investee firm’s perspective
  • Find out how clients’ assets are used to do good and the typical firms we invest in
  • Understand more about greenwashing and steps to ensure investments are managed responsibly