Castlefield announces Amelia Overd as co-manager on two sustainable investment funds

By Nathan Cameron

We're pleased to announce that Amelia Overd will be formally named as co-manager of two of the firm's sustainable funds.

From the beginning of July, Amelia Overd will be formally joining Simon Holman as co-manager of the CFP Castlefield Sustainable Portfolio Growth Fund and the CFP Castlefield Sustainable Portfolio Income Fund.

This is in recognition of the substantial contribution that Amelia has made in defining the proprietary values-based screening and investment strategy employed by the Castlefield investment team and her role in fund research and selection.

Amelia joined Castlefield in 2017 and has made a significant impact on the investment team, helping to expand the scope of research and engagement activities.

The Castlefield Sustainable Portfolio Growth Fund was the first in the Portfolio Fund range, launched in February 2018. It has proved so popular that we have followed this up with the income-focused version in July 2020.

Both funds utilise a combination of Castlefield's own fund range and third-party funds to access a range of equity, fixed income and infrastructure markets. This is supplemented with direct investments in bonds and renewable energy assets, all of which pass the stringent responsible and sustainable B.E.S.T. screening process developed by Castlefield.

The funds represent the best values-based investments that are available and provide a single, multi-asset portfolio solution to investors of all types. As such, they showcase Castlefield’s investment proposition

Castlefield Head of Investment Management, Mark Elliott, said: “We’re delighted that Amelia has joined the team managing these funds, which now stand at over £70m of client assets.

"This further strengthening of the team managing the Castlefield Portfolio funds is a natural step in the evolution of Amelia’s career and a clear demonstration of our commitment to internal development in line with our values as an employee-owned business.”

Amelia commented: “I look forward to working with Simon to build on the funds’ existing strong track records and continuing to develop our responsible and sustainable investment strategy.”