Foresight Sustainability Series Podcast

As demand for environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing increases globally, the investment manager’s role and their ability to drive positive change is continually under the spotlight.

Castlefield partner Simon Holman was recently invited to take part in the Foresight sustainability series of podcasts – which aim to ‘explore the themes around sustainability that will play a crucial part in shaping our world in the current period of accelerated change’.



Risks, returns and the role of the investment manager

In this episode, host Hugi Clarke and Simon discuss the key questions arising around sustainable investment today, and how investors can deliver a greener, fairer future without compromising on financial returns.

They also cover the art of navigating the risks of greenwashing, along with addressing some of the issues in the sector – such as regulation, jargon and reporting.

Foresight is a sustainability-led listed infrastructure and private equity investment manager. Established in 1984, they manage c.£7.2 billion for some of the world’s largest institutional investors, family offices, private and high net-worth individuals.