10 basic steps to planning your finances - Free webcast

Registrations for this event have now closed, however please email events@castlefield.com and we'll be happy to send you a link to watch the webcast on demand.

At this even Chartered Financial Planners Haydon Waldek and Olivia Bowen introduced the basics of financial planning and discussed how you can become a thoughtful investor.

Why you should watch

Managing your finances can sometimes feel like a complicated process that's littered with lots of small print and confusing jargon.

During this webcast, sustainable financial experts Haydon Waldek and Olivia Bowen introduce 10 basic steps with the aim of making planning your finances clearer for you.

By watching, you'll discover some practical steps you can take away that could help you achieve your long term objectives and get a better understanding of how risk affects reward.

Haydon and Olivia also introduce how Castlefield approaches investing from an ESG (environmental social governance) perspective, to explain how you can become a thoughtful investor and use your money to do good.

As a result, you'll gain more confidence and clarity with your finances.

Watch here on demand

This webcast originally aired on
Wednesday 26 May 2021 at 12pm.


NB: This webcast is aimed at individual/retail investors. We specialise in advising clients with £500,000 or more to invest, who would like their money to do good.