Gaeia and Castlefield winners at Manchester Cathedral Quiz

by Andrew Wynne

A team from Gaeia and Castlefield Investments were successful at Manchester Cathedral's quiz night once again. The trophy had been relinquished at last year's event, but we were eager and thrilled to win it back – as you can see by our happy faces.

Held in the aid of The Manchester Cathedral Development Project, last night's quiz raised over £2,000 towards their Lighting Fund. The Lighting fund will go towards renovating the existing lighting system, whilst also increasing the energy efficiency of the building.

The development project aims not only to develop the Cathedral and surrounding area itself, but to benefit the whole community and local environment; especially those in disadvantaged areas, such as adults seeking training and employment. Impressively, it has raised over £3million to date.

The trophy will now take pride of place in our office for the next 12 months (at least!).