Charity Benchmark Report

It doesn't seem five minutes since we published our first Charity Benchmark Report in October 2009, but we're now on our third edition (covering charity investment performance to the end of March 2010). As ever, if you’d like a copy, click on the text below the thumb-nail picture referring to it (on the RHS of any page of the site). We've made one major change since the first version was published, in that we've now split the body of the report (covering the theory of how and why to measure investment performance) from the peer group performance numbers themselves. This means that recipients won't have to plough through a body of text each quarter, which is not expected to change from quarter to quarter. Instead they can request the Peer Group Returns supplement only. We're now calculating returns for two main peer groups - mixed fund and active UK equity funds and expect to add others as underlying data allows. John