Investment Management

At Castlefield, we dislike unnecessary risk. So, we work hard to avoid it. We also not keen on jargon. It’s all too prevalent in the investment field and we think it needs demystifying. What we like is keeping in constant touch with you, so that you will always understand the need for change and feel completely comfortable with it.

Charities tell us that the great thing about working with Castlefield is our specialised understanding of the sector.

We’re extremely proud of that fact, but our experience has not come by chance. We’ve built our knowledge by working very closely with individual boards of trustees and management teams. As we’re in such close contact with more than 50 clients in the sector, we’re able to share current best practice and emerging themes as they’re happening.

We’ll always make it easy for you to reassure yourself that what we provide is as good as you’d expect from the best the City has to offer. That means that our clients don’t have to rely on generic indices to see if we’re good at our job. They can view real-world comparisons against other charities and gain a greater understanding of just how effective our management of their portfolios is.

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